She is the Queen of Kings

I want to thank Cornelia Amiri for sending me a copy of this book to review. This book releases in in July. You can check it out here

This story takes place in Ireland. In a time when men ruled for many centuries.

Macha Mong Ruad’s father, King Aed shared the throne with two other men. There names are Dithorba and Cimbaeth. Each king would rule for seven years and then at that time would pass along the rights to the next king. Though her father was no longer king; Macha would always consider him the one and only true king. Macha dreams of being king and sharing the throne with no one.

So after her father’s death and fourteen years combined of the other two kings ruling. It was Macha’s turn. Unfortunately the other men had no plans of letting Macha anywhere near the throne. Macha does not take people telling her what to do…especially men. Macha will become king no matter what it takes.

Nath, a mighty champion catches the attention of Macha. Macha has never met anyone like Nath. He is her equal in every way. Will Macha change her mind and decide to share her throne with a man?

Cornelia Amiri combines all the elements of a great story in her latest Queen of Kings. It takes place in the wonderful location of Ireland; paranormal effects, and strong as well as engaging characters with a hint of romance thrown in the mix. Ever since I first discovered Cornelia and her druids, I have become a fan. Macha is a powerful warrior, who isn’t afraid to show up men. She commands respect and usually gets it. What I liked about Nath is that he is soft-spoken and you could tell he was just right for Macha. I really enjoyed Queen of Kings and hope to maybe see Macha and Nath again in the near future.


Gamma said…
Fits right in with my reading list. Looking forward to getting it!

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