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Holly Dutcher was out partying with some friends. Holly was walking home when out of nowhere a man attacked her. He drags her to an abandon building and rapes her.

Detective Sloane Pearson works for the Sex Crimes Division. When she arrives at the victim’s residence, she instantly recognizes Holly. Holly is a realtor agent, who showed Sloane some places. The problem is that Sloane doesn’t want Holly to acknowledge that they are familiar with each other. This is because she wants to leave her lover.

When the rapist attacks again, Sloane realizes that the city now has a serial rapist on their hands. Sloane becomes somewhat distracted when her father falls ill. She starts to devote all her attention and energy to him. Will Sloane be able to refocus or will the rapist take another victim?

I enjoy trying out new authors and Theresa Schwegel is no exception. Unfortunately I hated this book. I found the storyline boring and the characters uninteresting. There were many times when I found myself saying…Why do I care. For example…I didn’t really care that Sloane was house hunting because she wanted to leave her lover. This wouldn’t have been a problem but it seemed like the story focused a little more on this than the fact that she had a serious problem on her hands with a rapist. Because of this and that fact that I didn’t care what she did, I found myself just going through the motions of turning the pages and not really being engaged in this book. I usually don’t get this vocal about books but I just couldn’t help it this time.


Becky LeJeune said…
Hm, interesting. Thanks for the warning. I've been curious about this author since LCC. I heard good things about her, maybe I'll try a different book, though.
naida said…
hi cheryl, its been a while since I stopped by your wonderful blog!

sorry you didnt enjoy this read, thanks for the honest review.
Anonymous said…
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