She is Frankie: The Walk"N" Roll Dog

Francesca "Frankie" would like to tell you about herself and how she came to have her own set of wheels.

Frankie was born in Madison, Wisconsin. She is a dachshund or wiener dog. She comes from a huge family with lots of brothers and sisters. Everyday Frankie would sit and watch as her family was sold to loving families, till one day Frankie spotted his new mom. Her name is Barbara. Frankie was very happy that Barbara became her mom as she liked Barbara. Once at home, Frankie met the rest of the family...her new father, John and sister Cassie, a chocolate lab.

John and Barbara go on vacation leaving Frankie at the kennel. While there something horrible happens to Frankie. Frankie jumps up and lands hard on the cement floor. Frankie is taken to the vet, who operates on Frankie but gives a slim chance that she will be able to walk again. After months and months of rehab, Frankie still can't walk. Barbara finds a website called . The site makes dog carts for dogs like Frankie. Frankie's cart soon arrives in the mail. Now it is time for Frankie to try out her new wheels. Frankie loves them and goes every where with them. And this is the story of how Frankie became a walk 'n' roll dog.

Frankie has grit and determination. She shows that if you put your mind and soul towards a goal that anything is possible, no matter the odds. Frankie is such a sweetheart as wel as Barbara. So glad Frankie with Barbara's help decided to share her story with all us readers. Dog fans alike will be howling their apporval for Frankie: The Walk "N" Roll Dog.

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Janet said…
This book is truly an inspiration! Thanks for reviewing it.
MJ said…
This sounds really good. Thanks for sharing!


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