The Sacred Mountain

Review by Nancy

When you’ve grown up in Philly, the Southwest is a long ways away. Will had heart-broken that he had qualified for the Eastern Pennsylvania Skateboarding Championships. Not the qualifying part, but the part where he finds out that Mom and Dad have scheduled the same time to volunteer at a reservation Clinic in Arizona. He has to go.

Imagine your 13-ish kid in a total pout. Not fun. But Will’s life is about to change in ways he’d never imagine and skateboarding has just a bit to do with that. Waiting to meet them with his Jeep is Pastor Roger Feathers, in charge of the Clinic and the small reservation church. He has also drummed up a lot of interest in Will giving skateboarding demos in the evening!

Meeting Pastor Roger helps Will loosen up and, when he meets the Pastor’s kids, Jake and Kate who are skateboarders, too he fits right in. There is a friend of Will’s father doing a dig at the place the tribe used to winter and they have found some amazing things, especially if you’re a teen. All the skeletons are missing their heads! There are over 5000 sets of bones and at least that many heads resting in a separate place. Wow! The tale of the ancient tribe is written into the story of Will and his friends. They learn that the chief of the tribe had a son named Eagle Feather who disappeared one day, never to return. He had been studying with a trader who loved God and was trying to help Eagle Feather understand the Bible. History comes to life in more ways than one.

The author of this YA novel has a PHd in Chemistry and a wonderful way with words. Dalen Keys has taken an old tale, revised it a bit and made it part of a great story for young and adults alike. There are many who will enjoy the Indian tale for itself and many more who will understand that God sees all our undertakings , even helping out now and then.

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