The Grim...A must read!

Review by Nancy

Possibly one of, if not the best book I’ve read so far this year is a tale about 3 friends and one interloper all living at the Grim. The cover will mislead you, yes it looks like a horror film and yes, it has many floors but for the people living in The Grim the nightmares are in their minds. You see, The Grove Ridge Inpatient Mental hospital has had great successes and it is the place to be locked up if you need to be.

Jaycee (Jacinda) resides there because she can’t remember what happened to her ex-husband after he beat her, raped her, screamed at her and tried to kill her. She does recall a shot but not all five to the chest that he ended up with. Plus, he can’t be dead, she talks to him every night when she goes to sleep!

Jac (no K) has been inside and out all his life. Too many foster homes, too much abuse and not enough caring. He is Jaycee’s appointed protector against all things evil and also one nurse. He doesn’t like it when Jaycee avoids him.

Maddie, sweet, afraid of her own shadow and an embarrassment to her parents, mostly. She is terrified of the dark but is Jaycee’s closest friend overall. Together they manage Jac (no K)’s issues and try to make Giselle feel welcome when she arrives from another facility.

These four make up the crux of the tale and a great one it is! Therapy, no therapy, violence, sadness and everything mental combine to build a wall that Jaycee must somehow breach in order to get her son back. Can she do it? Save Jac (no K) save her from her demons or is he one of them? This engrossing book will keep you up and have you thinking about your own thoughts and actions before it’s through. A must read!

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