I Suck at Girls

I never read Mr. Halpern's Sh*t MY Dad Says. After reading this book, I am going to check it out. I was laughing my head off at this book. I barely picked it up to start reading and already I found hilarous lines by Justin's father. I was reading them to my husband. It took like forever to get to page six because I would stop and read a line or a conversation that Justin had with his father.

The things that would come out of Justin's father's mouth, had me wanting to crack a beer or two with him and bring up random topics to get his opipions. He gave you the uncensored life lessons. I feared that things would not be as funny when Justin grew up and went away to college but never fear as the laughes still kept coming. Justin's experiences with the opposite sex was sad. I felt for him. I am surprised that he did not get chewed up and spit out. Luckily for him, he found his perfect match with his wife, Amanda. From what I did get to learn about her in this book, she sounds nice.

One final word of advise. So remember when your mother tells you to call every few weeks and you respond that you don't know if you will always be around a phone. you're not leading a fucking expedition to Antarctica. Find a phone and call your parents. (Courtesy of Justin's fatehr). This was one of the funniest autobiographies that I have read. You need to pick up a copy of this book. You will not regret it.


I haven't read a laugh-out-loud book for ages. I might just check this one out. Thanks.

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