Oath of Office

Review by Nancy

Dr. Lou Welcome had been to his own personal hell and back. Addicted to booze, his license revoked, losing his wife and nearly his daughter; Lou had nothing else to lose but millions to gain if he could just stay sober. A friend named Cap helped as his AA sponsor and boxing buddy. Due to his lapse Welcome was committed to helping other docs who were suffering the same issues. Through a group called Physician Wellness Office, Lou shores his stories and helps. Or so he thought.

Dr. John Meacham, someone Lou had been working with and who was showing great strides, suddenly kills his staff, patients in the waiting room and, ultimately dies himself. What went wrong? He lived in King’s Ridge, a small area outside of Washington, DC catering to well-to-do folk. He seemed to have snapped and he wasn’t alone. In the White House, the First Lady was trying to keep control as the President began what was becoming a daily tirade. He was running for re-election and was passing on all appearances to sit in the Oval Office and “stew.” The patient who originally set off Meacham’s rampage because she wouldn’t lose weight; gives herself a tummy tuck with disastrous results. Something’s not right.

What do all these folks for different lifestyles and locales have in common? I was as surprised as you will be when you read the end of this book. Any Michael Palmer book will grab you and hold on until the end of his newest story. This one does a better job than some because, believe me, once you start this you’ll want to finish it and also not want to because it’s that good.

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