The Vampire Voss

Viscount Dewhurst otherwise known as Voss usually strays from the spotlight. Voss is also part of an exclusive member of the Dracule. Members of Dracule are gentlemen that have been branded with a mark to show that they have given up their souls and became…yep, you guessed it…vampires.

Angelica and her two sisters are under the care of Lord Corvindale, while their brother Cas is gone. Angelica and her sisters are gifted with the gift of “sight.” Angelica embraces the gift, while he sisters depise their gifts. Voss and Lord Corvindale hate each other. So when Voss meets Angelica and learns she has the gift of sight, he plans to use her to get at Lord Corvindale. Voss is surprised by the feelings he has towards Angelica.

I have been a fan of Mrs. Gleason’s, since her Garden Vampire Chronicles series. Her newest trilogy, the Regency Draculia is off to a great start. I thought Voss and Angelica made a nice couple. Angelica is independent and not afraid to speak her mind. Voss on the other hand is not used to a woman like Angelica and needs someone like her in his life. This is why I thought that they made a good couple together. There was not a lot of romance going on in this book but that is alright with me. If there had been a lot of romance, I don't think I would have liked this book as much. The element I liked the most was the historical aspect. It took me back in time and I felt like I was experiencing everything through Angelica’s eyes. The Vampire Voss is one tasty delight. Seconds please!


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