Cowboy Fever did make my temperature rise!

Jody Bryce has returned home. She has not been back since; she left to become Miss Rodeo Wyoming. Jody is famous. Though Jody wants to put her Miss Rodeo Wyoming days behind her and have a fresh start. Her main focus now is trying to get people to help her with her therapy riding horse clinic for children.

Teague Treadwell can remember the day that Jody left. Now here she is all grown up. Teague has noticed a change in Jody. She is no longer about looking beautiful all the time. Teague still has feelings for Jody but will he make the first move?

While I am a sucker for a good cowboy book, I thought that this book was alright. Not to say that Jody and Teague weren’t god together, as they were. I just thought this book was more on the sweeter side and I was looking for a little more. The romance between Jody and Teague was drawn throughout the story until the last half of the book. Of course, this had something to do with Courtney draping herself all over Teague. I wanted Teague to have a bigger back bone and tell Courtney off sooner. I do plan to read author, Joanne Kennedy’s next cowboy book. I have read her prior novels and enjoyed them. Cowboy Fever did make my temperature rise!


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