Starcraft: Devil’s Due is out of this world!

Jim Raynor and Tychus may have just hit their biggest’s mark yet...a Confederate cargo train. Jim and Tychus make off with heir goods including Confederate credits and a Jukebox.

To be honest, I am a computer game junkie. Though, I have not played the Starcraft games as much as Diablo or World of Warcraft. So, what drew me to this book was first the cover, I thought it was cool looking, second…the fact that it is based around the game, and third…I read the book summary and thought it sounded good. I have however read several books from author, Christie Golden. You can tell she is a dedicated gamer as well. She really brings the characters to life and as well as the story. It is as if you stepped into the game. I thought that Tychus and Raynor worked well together. They have each other’s backs. Tychus and Raynor reminded me of good ole fashion outlaws but the ones that everyone wanted to win. Starcraft: Devil’s Due is out of this world!


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