Everyone needs some Redemption and you can fine it in this book!

Detective Jane Perry is trying to bring down the bad guys one at a time and on her terms. When an undercover sting operation goes wrong, Jane finds herself in desperate need of money and fast. So when Katherine “Kit” Clark from Jane’s “AA” meeting group offers to hire Jane to track down a serial killer in California, the offer is too good for Jane to pass up.

Redemption is the second Jane Perry novel. It can be read as a stand alone novel. Right from the beginning, this book did not hold back. Jane can out swing and hard. Jane is just like one of the guys, which is a good thing. Jane and Kit made a great pair. They reminded me a little bit like Thelma and Louise. Jane as the crazy, unpredictable Louise and Kit as Thelma looking for an adventure. Jane plays be her own rules and if you aren’t with her than you better watch your back, that she doesn’t put a bullet in it. This book kept a pretty, evenly fast pace. The ending was strong. A surprise was seeing my hometown listed not once but several times in this book. Grand Junction, Colorado is not a town that is usually mentioned when stories take place in Colorado. I have a new favorite author in Laurel Dewey. Everyone needs some Redemption and you can fine it in this book!


Ann Summerville said…
The cover looks creepy.

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