If you want to rope yourself a winning read than pick up a copy of Texas Blue today!

Lewton Preston jokingly tells his good friend and ranger, Duncan McMurray that he would make s good husband to one of his cousins. Duncan tells Lewt that he is not husband material. This upsets Lewt. Duncan has found three male suitors for his cousins. They will me traveling to the Whisper Mountain Ranch tomorrow. Lewt cons one of the suitors into taking his place. Now all Lewt has to do is learn the ranch life and win one of the McMurray’s women’s hands in marriage.

Emily is the only one of the three sisters, who is less than thrilled that Duncan has sent suitors for them. Rose and Beth can have the men. Em has no interest in every getting married. She would rather stay on the ranch and take care of the horses. Em pays a friend to pretend to be her for a week. When Em is asked by Lewt to teach him about ranching, she will be put to the ultimate test.

Texas Blue is the fifth Whispering Mountains novel. It can be read and enjoyed as a stand alone novel. The best part of reading a Jodi Thomas novel is…the love and passion she brings to the story and characters. I absolutely fell in love with Lewt and Em. Lewt because he thought he was quite the ladies man but in a charming way and Em because she has a feisty personality and she kept Lewt in line. As I was reading this book, I could imagine myself at the ranch. Too bad that the ranch, Em, Lewt and the rest of the McMurrays don’t exist. They would be great people to hang out with. I guess that I will jut have to settle for visiting with them in the books. If you want to rope yourself a winning read than pick up a copy of Texas Blue today! You won’t regret it.


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