Her Own Best Enemy

Review by Nancy

Her Own Best Enemy
does not disappoint. Cynthia Justin has written a great story of love not fought for, families torn apart, friends who are enemies and vice versa. Taking all she has, Grace Stevens steps into the bar and confronts her past. Keith King, the man she loved and still does is the only one who can help her find her son, Ryker - taken by her ex-husband, Mark, who is far more than he seems.

Grace is much stronger than Keith thought. He trains bad-ass men to deal with bad-ass situations and somehow has come under fire for selling secrets to the enemy. Truth be told, he’s been working with Mark to discover the real culprit and them Mark took a powder. She keeps up with his hardest pace, hikes to the bottom of Grand Canyon, hangs from high places and shoots to kill. His kind of girl.

If only she had been his kind of girl in high school. If only her sister hadn’t been assaulted that night. If only Mark had told them the truth. If only…..If this is the only book you read this Spring, you won’t be sorry as the tale unfolds and old loves may just become new again.


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