Rock Hard. I already have purchased my pass for the whole tour!

Jessica Chase thought she has the perfect life. She had a sexy; boyfriend named Sed Lionheart and had just gotten accepted to law school. That all change when Sed gave Jessica an ultimatum…him or law school. Jessica walked out of Sed’s life.

Present Day.

Jessica is doing the best she can to put herself through law school. Sed is the led singer of the rock band, Sinners. Sed can have any woman he wants and he usually does but the one woman that will always haunt his dreams is the one that got away…Jessica. When Sed and the rest of the Sinners go to a strip club to celebrate Brian’s last night as a single man, Sed receives a shocking surprise. There dancing on stage is Jessica. Sed hops onto the stage and whisks Jessica away. Myrna, Brian’s wife offers Jessica a job as her assistant. This would mean that Jessica will be seeing more of Sed. Will Sed and Jessica have a happy ending or will they end up with broken hearts again?

Rock Hard is the second book in the Sinners on Tour series. This book can be read as a stand along novel but I would recommend starting with book one, Backstage Pass, as you are going to love these books. I thought the first book was hot but this book is even hotter. Sed and Jessica just oozed sex. They could not keep their hands off each other. Jessica and Sed were meant for each other and not just because of the chemistry they shared. They are both bullheaded. I already have purchased my pass for the whole tour! I can not wait for book three.


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