The Final Alice

Review by Nancy
This ain’t your average girl down the rabbit hole story folks! Alice is here, ready, willing and able. Tweedles Dee and Dum are bloodthirsty young children. Simmons is here to guide them all – he’s a Stag. And off we go……………….

The Red King is after Alice and he doesn’t really care how he gets her – as long as he does. Alice has been a misfit since birth. Her gr-gr-grandmother was THE ALICE, it seems and has left a task undone. Alice’ boyfriend, Gray, just smiles and tries to keep her happy while not quite getting the whole blood and death thing.

Red King’s minions are everywhere and they are committing horrid crimes against children, each other and humanity in general. Alice, along with her crew of odd folk (plus the deer) goes after them in an attempt to stop the Red King from escaping Wonderland forever.

Excellent plot, splendid characters and, in general, just an over-all decent story to keep you up all night because, after all, this IS Alice!!!!


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