Across Eternity

Review by Nancy What if you only had one love for all of your lives? What if you keep meeting again and again during each reincarnation from Roman times to present? How would you react? How would you explain it to the other person who is completely innocent of it all?

Across Eternity answers these questions and more. Logan Richards met Amber when he was three and she had yet to be born this time around. She was his waitress and they felt an immediate “knowing” that they kinda sorta knew each other. But they had never met in this lifetime. Logan knows everything about Amber and she has little knowledge of him. She doesn’t even know he owns the restaurant!

A chance meeting turns into a time of revealing. Amber doesn’t really know if she should play along with Logan or not but, after several weeks together; she comes full circle and understands it all. But does she make this discovery in time? Excellent writing, splendid characters and beautiful descriptions of the world. I truly enjoyed this book and look forward to rereading it with more knowledge than I had the first time around.


Mystica said…
Very intriguing!

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