I have "Something To Tell You"

I was lucky enough to have Simon & Schuster willing to send me a ARC of this book. I had requested it from their Canadian site, which they do not typically send to the US at all but I am glad they decided to make an exception to let me read and review this book.

In Something To Tell You, Mr. Kureishi will take you back to his earlier days in London during the 80's. At that time Mr. Kureishi was making a famous name for himself with movies like My Beautiful Laundrette, Sammy, and Rosie Get Laid as well as his novel titled The Buddha of Suburbia. Mr. Kureishi shares with the reader his relationships with his sister, Miram, his ex-wife Josephine and son, Rafe, his friends and dealing with the loss of his first love, Ajita. Us the readers are in for a treat with not only reading a book by a great author but also with the fact that we get to laugh, love, and cry right along with Hanif Kureishi.

I liked the fact that Mr. Kureishi and his son, Rafe are very close, even though Hanif and his ex-wife, Josephine are no longer together. Also, enjoyed Hanif’s sister, Miram. Miram had a way about her where she would just point blank state things the way they were, even if you were embarrassed by it. Miram’s personality could be eccentric but than again who doesn’t have a relative who acts that way. Another item I liked was when Mr. Kureishi's was describing what it is like to be an psychoanalyst. Something To Tell You is a charming book that I was able to follow along with what was taking place in addition to finding Something To Tell You to be a fairly quick read. I have to say that Mr. Kureishi is a good prolific writer. Right away I got a picture of how people and places looked through Kureishi’s eyes back than. I found it interesting to get an inside peek into Mr. Kureishi’s childhood as well as present times. Something To Tell You is my first novel by Mr. Kuseishi. I will have to check out his other books.

To Pre-Order this book you can go here http://www.simonsays.com/content/book.cfm?tab=1&pid=624737&er=9781416572107

Also to check out more books by this author, go to his website at http://www.hanifkureishi.com/


The Bookworm said…
Excellent review, this sounds like a good read. Enjoy your weekend :)
photoquest said…
Wonderful review Cheryl, I have this book on my wish list but haven't read any reviews on it until yours, it sounds like a really good read.
Cheryl said…
Thank you Naida. I hope you have a great weekend too.

Photoquest I am glad you liked my review
Anonymous said…
Wow - this is a book I would have missed if not for your blog! Thanks for letting us know.

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