Here Comes....The Secret Hunter

The Secret Hunter by Susanne Saville

Gwenllian Lloyd was out for a stroll in the gardens when her dog, Oliver decides to take off running. Oliver bumps Mr. Daniel Wycliff's leg. Wycliff loses his balance trying not to step on Oliver and on his way down he takes Gwen down with him. Gwen ends up landing on top of Daniel. Gwen can't believe that she ended up falling (literary) for one of the most handsome guys around. Daniel knows from the first moment he met Gwen that he liked her. Daniel wants to get to know Gwen better so he asks to see her again. Gwen and Mr. Wycliff really enjoy each other's company. Mr. Wycliff even likes Oliver and winds up buying him a fancy dog collar. Gwen wants to give Daniel her heart. The problem is Daniel has a reputation as a rake in addition to rumors that Mr. Wycliff might be a dangerous man but to whom?

I enjoyed the characters. Gwen, Daniel, and even Oliver all had great personalities about them. I could see why Gwen liked Daniel, as he was good-looking, tall, and he knew how to make a woman swoon. What a fun dog Oliver was, always letting you know what he is thinking besides he found Daniel for Gwen didn’t he? Who won’t want a pug like Oliver. Gwen tried to be a lady but sometimes her spunky side would come out. I thought The Secret Hunter was a good book. I can see why The Secret Hunter is a Finalist in the Desert Rose RWA in the 2008 Golden Quill contest in the Regency category!

Congratulations Ms. Saville on the nomination for The Secret Hunter.

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The Bookworm said…
great review as usual, sounds like a good read.

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