Book Binge List

So, I am doing something different for my Sunday Salon post. I am listing my reading list for a challenge I signed up for.

Ok so it is the first of June and I am suppose to list all the books I read from May 5th to May 31st. Here they are as part of the challenge found on It's Not All Mary Poppins

Theft of the Masters by Edwin Alexander
Never on These Shores by Stephen R. Pastore
Infected by Scott Sigler
Gothic Heat by Portia Da Costa
Pearl's Redemption by C. H. Admirand
Twlight by Stephanie Meyer
Wind Follower by Carole McDonnell
The Murder Game by Beverly Barton
Sacrifice by S.J. Bolton
Quiver by Peter Leonard
Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed by Jami Davenport
Mirage by Monica Burns
Wanderlust by Shelley Munro
Close Quarters by Denise A. Agnew
The Gilded Cage by Tilly Greene
Dead Man's Rain by Frank Tuttle
The McGillis Family Chronicles Book 2: Gothic Cowboy by Laura Billingsley
Booty Call For Murder by Jane Greenhill
Blood Moon by Dawn Thompson
The Brotherhood by Dawn Thompson
Between Good and Aeval by Dayna Hart
Deadly Dreams by Rie McGaha
Erotikos by Shannon Leigh
The Summer Deal by Aleka Nakis
Reforming the Potter's Clay by Donald James Parker


Becky LeJeune said…
Wow, that's some list!

I finally got in Sacrifice and will be reading both it and Twilight at some point either this week or next (can't wait!).
Linda Jacobs said…
Holy cow! You've been busy! Hopefully, I'll have more time to read once summer vacation begins in two weeks.
Anonymous said…
LOL - Ditto on the Holy Cow! What an outstanding list!!
Tilly Greene said…
AHHH! I'm honored to be on your list Cheryl :-)

Happy Reading!

Tilly Greene
Anonymous said…
Great list! My youngest loves the Twilight series (and has the t-shirts to prove it.)

It's fun to see the overlap: the same books and authors appearing on several lists. If half-a-dozen people like an author, he or she is likely worth the read!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for putting Deadly Dreams on the list. I hope you enjoyed it.
Rie McGaha
Anonymous said…
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Unknown said…
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