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Ok so remember a little while ago when I mentioned the book contest at J. Kaye's for Witch Ember? Well her and her husband have finished reading Raven and both Witch Ember and Raven will be given away together. To enter go here

Book Description

Guiromelans is a knight, a sacred paladin, seeking nothing more than to obey the commandments of God. But when God betrays him and allows a hells-condemned witch to defeat him in battle, he is forced to reexamine his faith. What did he do to merit such disgrace? What can he do to atone for his sins? Facing challenges both of the flesh and of the soul, Guiromelans begins a pilgrimage across the known world. In search of redemption and forgiveness, he discovers the true meaning of God’s will. The Raven is the sequal to John Lawson’s first novel, Witch Ember.


Anonymous said…
He enjoyed this book so much, he had me ask the author when the next one is to be published so that he can purchase it. :) He loved it!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the headsup!

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