Come get "Wild in the Country"

I got a chance to read and review some books by the lovely and talented Portia Da Costa. I first discovered her a few months ago when I got the chance to read and review Gemini Heat for one of the review sites I review for. Since than I have fallen in love with her books. You will see more reviews show up on my blog.

So for today's post I present Wild in the Country by Portia Da Costa.

Flora Swain has just moved to Marwick Magna. Flora was bored at her job, working at the bank. When Flora happens to inherit a bunch of money she decides to get away and look for something new in her life. The only thing is that Flora didn’t realize that new something would come in the form of a quantity of different beautiful, sexy men and women. Something strange and magical is taking place in Marwick. It has people losing their inhibitions and goes wild with their sexual side. Plus, Flora is being watched and the only clues Flora has are in the form of explicit, erotic letters describing all the ways this mysterious person wants to have as well as do with Flora and her body. The letters are signed “The Scribe”. It seems though that everyone in Marwick already knows the new adventures Flora is indulging in. Plus everyone except Flora has figured out the identity of “The Scribe”.

Oh well for now, Flora is having fun getting to know intimately all the people in Marwick. People like her hot next-door neighbor Declan McKenna, who is a world famous artist and did I mention that he likes to lounge around in the buff. Than there are Morwenna Carfax and her husband, Robert, Jack Walters, the local handyman, who is also handy with other things than just saving cats, author/writer Marshall Fox, he has been known to come up with some really steamy love scenes as well as some other people who live in Marwick.

Ok, so let me tell you more about why I am enjoying reading books by Portia Da Costa. It's because she can make your knees quiver, your heart race, get you in the mood to do some loving of your own with your special someone and also don't forget when you start a Portia Da Costa book you better clear some time as you will find yourself getting not wanting to put the book down till the last page. Wild in the Country had me loving every moment of it. What with all the great characters like Flora, Declan, Marshall, and Morwenna to name a few. Wild in the Country is not the first book I have read by this author so I should have known what to expect as far as the heat temperature but I have to tell you that I think Wild in the Country has got to be the most hottest one yet! Don't just take my word for it. Pick up a copy today and see for yourself.

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Linda Jacobs said…
Well, you've certainly got me interested! I'll be looking for this book and will take oven mitts with me!
The Bookworm said…
wow, sounds juicy!
I'll have to add this author to my TBR list.
great review :)
Anonymous said…
Ditto on what everyone else has said...but I was interested in her before this. I think it was your earlier review...I have got to get a!
Portia Da Costa said…
Wow, thanks for the wonderful review, Cheryl! I'm so glad you enjoyed WILD IN THE COUNTRY. It was one of those books that was just incredible fun to write, and I'm glad that it's fun to read too. :)


The Bookworm said…
cheryl, you won a copy of Return of the Rogue at my book blog, email me your snail mail @ and I'll get the book in the mail to you this week.
Anonymous said…
What a cover!!:) I liked your review too!

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