Book Review: When the Wicked Play


A Dark Romance Novella


I was raised in chains and left for dead.

That's enough darkness to fuel anyone's rage.

The need for vengeance courses through my veins and the little bit of sanity I had left vanished in the shallow grave I dug myself out of.

Only a man with the blackest of souls and blood on his hands will be able to handle the kind of crazy I hide in my hollow heart.

Lucky for me he has both, and the next grave I'm standing over won't be my own.


I'm not a good man, or even a decent one.

So when Charlie comes crashing into my life with a thirst for blood that rivals my own, I send her on her way.

I have my own problems to take care of.

So why do I find myself tracking the little terror down to give her exactly what she wants?

I'll be her loaded gun.

All she has to do is point me in the right direction and pull the trigger, but this girl is a Queen of Destruction all on her own.

My Review

I really enjoyed this dark, spicy novella. Charlie and Jaz are good together. I really enjoyed the serial killer vibes that these two were giving me. After what Charlie experienced, she could have just given up but with the help of Jaz, she became a fighter. 

This story got better as it progressed. Although, what an opening scene! the few intimate scenes between Jaz and Charlie were hot. I wanted more and luckily; the author has said that she will be expanding this novella to a full-length novel in the future. 


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