Book Review: Albatross


Every job has its ups and downs. But you can take comfort in knowing that your career will probably never lead to inadvertently summoning a demon. Unlike antisocial spicy audio-book narrator Bel, who has accidentally done just that. Upon Caspian's arrival, blood hits the fan. Yes, literally. Between hiding him from hunters and searching for the answers as to how this happened, Bel is thrown into the world of the supernatural. A trip to Vegas and a surprise run-in with Caspian's old friend , Fritz, lead to discoveries about herself and the world around her she's hesitant to accept. Can she let go of what she's always known and embrace this version of herself? Of her new reality? Or will she fly away from these unfamiliar, and quite frankly terrifying, feelings? Albatross is the first installment of the Birds of Pray series, a new paranormal romance featuring deeply flawed characters and their fight to find happiness in a world that seems hellbent on keeping it from them.

My Review

Reading Albatross by Karlee Berrios is like eating a slice of Black Forest cake. It is so rich and deliciously sinful! Caspian is great but when you throw in Fritz...yes, please! Double scoop. Bel does not need to pretend for her s#x scenes that she writes for her books as she is living them out in real life. 

I could not pick a favorite when it comes to Caspian and Fritz. Caspian has the take charge attitude, but Fritz brings the flirtyiness. Bel is one lucky woman. She grew more confident as the story progressed. I love Bel's friend, Isla. I hope she finds someone in the next book as she deserves it. 


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