Book Review: Cruel Orchid


Val is no longer just empty - she's hollow, a shell of her former self. Ten years ago, she left Forest Haven and the love and acceptance she had finally found there. Now, pain and memories are her only companions. Despite Madoc’s attempts to heal her wounded soul, he cannot seem to reach her.

Shattered by the loss of Val, he’d given up and given in to what he hated the most. Now a full time enforcer, after he was saved from himself and Hell, Dev struggles to get from night to night. He dreams of death. Val’s death and then his own.

But Bela and the twins haven't given up on finding their Sun. As their powers grow, they realize the only way to reach her is through Dev. So they secretly ally themselves with him, biding their time until they can claim the freedom they left behind years ago.

Can they reclaim what they have lost and still have a future?

Author’s Note: This is a dark paranormal why choose series with enemies-to-lovers vibes. Please see the book preview for content and trigger warnings. This book ends on a small cliffhanger.

My Review

After the cliffhanger ending of the first book, I was so ready to jump right into this book. It has been a long time since the gang has been back together. Yet, it is not all joyous between Dev and Val. There is some built up animosity between Dev and Val. However, it just makes the moments between them that much spicier. 

I liked getting to better know Ren, Gideon, and Bela. While I already did like Bela from the first book, this time around it was Ren that got to me. He will not be as high up as Dev, but he is a close second. Someone that grew on me as well is Val's husband, Madoc. In the beginning, he was a butthead but as time passed and the story progressed, he turned out to not be so bad. He really did love Val. 

I am really into this series and can't wait to continue on this journey with everyone in the next book. Ryana has written a rich world with characters that have found places in my heart. So dark and delicious. 


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