Book Review: Bad Realities

Welcome to the tour for Andrew Schrader's creeptastic collection, Bad Realities. Read on for more details!

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Bad Realities: Stories of Shock and Suspense Expected Publication Date: Spring 2023 Genre: Speculative Fiction/ Horror/ Suspense/ Sci-Fi To avoid the apocalypse, a boy must cannibalize the dead in . . . THE IMPORTANCE OF EATING ERNEST A Tarkagen barbarian returning home to retrieve an ancient elixir faces his own worst fears in . . . HONDO RANE AND THE CITY OF ILLUSION After World War IV, a giant, radioactive floating brain haunts the wastelands. Can a psychic girl harness her powers long enough to stop it? . . . in THE FLOATING BRAIN. Join these poor souls and many others as they struggle to survive in worlds gone wrong. Can you handle the shock? Or will their stories leave you in a crumpled heap, screaming in vain to escape. Now Available on Amazon and Free for KU!

My Review
This is a really good collection of short stories. I am into the weird and twisted stories that allow your mind to go wild with the "what if". For me, I was getting Black Mirror vibes. Which if you have watched Black Mirror, each episode does not always make sense or even end with an ending. It is the unknown that makes the stories "scary".

There are a few stories that I really enjoyed...The Importance of Eating Ernest, Dogfight, Family, Lonely Ones, and In the Trees. So, if this book sounds like something you like to read, you do need to pick up a copy and check it out for yourself.

About the Author

andrewtattoopic Andrew Schrader is a Los Angeles-based author and film director known for his fascination with the stranger sides of human nature. He’s directed two feature films, music videos for bands Osees, Moon-Drenched, and White Reaper, and was a script consultant on “Afterlife,” a horror series for Crypt TV. His three-book series, What Goes On In The Walls at Night, was featured on the Reddit No Sleep podcast and twice won the Red City Review Book of the Year for fantasy and horror. He also wrote several episodes of the animated show Tig n’ SeekBad Realities is his fourth book of short stories. Yes, of course he loves cats. Andrew J. Schrader 

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