Book Review: Ruthless Vows


Romeo & Juliet have nothing on a made mafia member and the one woman he was supposed to stay away from.

Dante De Santis
I took an oath in blood–one that binds me to the mafia until my dying breath.
I vow to live and die by the family. Murder. Extortion. Manipulation…it’s all in an honest day’s work.

I didn’t know who she was when she walked into my sex club, but I damn sure do now.
She’s the daughter of my biggest rival—the mafia princess from The Amato Crime Family.
She’s untouchable, yet unavoidable.

And now that I’ve had a taste of my forbidden little fruit, there’s not a chance I’m letting her go.

Giana Amato
I’ve lived my life in the shadows—a pretty porcelain figurine my father flashes at fancy parties.
One night. It’s all I’ve asked for and it’s all I’m given…because how much trouble could I possibly get into in one night?

I didn’t know who he was when I walked into his club, but now I can’t forget him.
He’s one of my father’s most merciless enemies—a capo for The De Santis Crime Family.
He’s sexier than any fantasy I’ve ever had.

And despite knowing this decision could be the death of me, I can’t stay away from him...

Even though I’m promised to the heir of the Blood Syndicate Cartel.

For fans of Sophie Lark’s Brutal Birthright Mafia Series and the Bendetti Brothers Series by Natasha Knight.
One-Click Ruthless Vows and start your descent in Victoria Ellis’s twisted mafia underworld today!

This is book one in a planned six book series. The books should be read in order to avoid potential spoilers and for the best reading experience. Book two is planned to release October of 2023.

Age Gap
Rival Families
Temperature Play
Untouched Heroine
Touch Her and Die

My Review

Instantly, I was hooked from the beginning. From the sassy attitude of v to the endearing nickname Dante gave Giana. They both came from powerful families but when they were together, it was like the world around them disappeared. 

I was already falling for Dante but when he revealed his past, I heart melted for him. He was so gentle but at the same time possessive of Giana. He is her dark knight. I love Giana's fierceness. She had a fan in me. As the story progressed these two's intimate moments together became hotter and hotter. I can't wait to read the next book. Ruthless Vows is a not to be missed read!


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