Book Review: Last Bride Standing


Opposites attract—and go head-to-head—in this cheerfully irresistible small-town romance.

With just ten days left till her folks’ loan comes due, ever-pragmatic Charlotte Delaney is officially throwing in the towel on the bet that she made with her sisters. It looks like it’s up to her to save their parents’ café and beloved home with a marriage of convenience to her family’s rival. It’s time to get the in-name-only nuptials over with. Of course, Charlotte’s never been one to easily admit defeat…

Aidan Strong has exactly zero intentions of marrying one of the Delaney sisters—even Charlotte, his first crush. He’s come to Majestic, Maine, to make things right…only Charlotte has other plans.

She’s challenging Aidan to a new wager. And the prize? His billion-dollar coffee empire. Now the tiny seaside town of Majestic is about to witness the ultimate game of hearts…and winner takes all.

Each book in the Majestic Main series is STANDALONE:
* First Bride to Fall
* Second Bride Down
* Last Bride Standing

My Review

I really loved the first book and sisters, Charlotte, Nell, and Misty. What I really loved about book one was the witty humor. There was some in this book, but it seemed more serious. I wanted the laughs and did not feel like I got that as much. 

The chemistry between Charlotte and Aidan was more of a slow burn one. This is because both of them were a bit stubborn and neither wanted to admit that what they felt for each other is real. While the slow burn is nice, it did seem to go on too long. This book was slower reading for me. Despite these factors, I am happy to see Charlotte find her HEA. 


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