Book Review: Sacrifice the Sea


Deserted by a father I can no longer remember, I’m used to being alone, my only companions the cheerful sea nymphs who frequent my shipwreck. But lately, something powerful brews inside me—an aching restlessness to explore the dark depths beyond my cave.

Then I meet Ari, a beguiling merman who tempts me past the edges of my territory. He introduces me to the glittering world of the Sea Syndicate and its ruler, King Triton. But the sea is a far more dangerous place than I realized, and together, the males rule it with a heavy hand. What’s more, they want to rule me, too. Each dominant in their own way, they teach me all about my body—and theirs—introducing me to unfathomable pleasure and sinful obedience.

But there’s a dark side to their world. I can’t shake the feeling Triton and Ari aren’t the devoted males they seem. When a predatory darkness rises from the ocean’s depths, we have no choice but to confront sins of the past to keep the Sea Syndicate safe. But once the silt settles, will the weight of age-old secrets be too much to repair our broken bonds?

My Review

I have read every book in this series. This book is my favorite one of the three books currently released. This book will make all monster romance lovers very satisfied. The other books in this series have been MM but this one is MMM. So, even more spiciness to go around. Ooh and did I mention...tenacles!!

While I liked Ursan in his human form, it is his sea witch form that I loved the most. He and Ari were definitely making waves. Yet, when you brought King Triton into the mix, things really heated up. King Triton did bring the grumpy vibes. Sacrifice the Sea is a wet and wild, HOT read!


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