Book Review: Veronica's Bombastic Scheme


Perfect for fans of A Cuban Girl's Guide to Tea and Tomorrow, Veronica's Bombastic Scheme is a tender story of a LatinX girl's struggle with body positivity, family heartache, and finding love.

Veronica is fierce.

Until her fierceness is stripped from her. Her dad-who-left-them-for-a-young-intern is renewing his vows with her mom. She doesn't trust that he won't leave them all over again, leaving her feeling not so fierce.

Her ex-boyfriend sends fat-shaming texts and gangs up on her with his entire football team. She's starting to believe his vicious lies. Not so fierce.

She's head over heels for her best friend's brother, Samson. But she can't accept the fact that he could feel the same. Not so fierce.

It's time for her to reclaim her fierceness. With the help of her abuela's family curse, the dashing Samson, and her loved ones, Veronica's got a dangerous scheme to shake things up. But shaking things up can mean breaking them, and Veronica.

My Review

I really enjoyed this book. Veronica is very lucky; she has great friends in Daphne and Taylor.  Because best friends make everything better. There were a few times where I did feel like Veronica may have taken things a bit too far but I understood where she was coming from, and it was not really in a mean-spirited way. 

The romance that budded between Veronica and Samson was cute. I thought they were cute together. I like that Veronica did not let all of the negativity get her down. She did her best to rise above it. With the help of her friends and family. Fans of Daphne and Taylor's books will enjoy this book as well. 

To quote Veronica:

"I was beautiful exactly the way I was"


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