Sunday at the Sunflower Inn


Jessica Ann McKenzie—“Jam” to everyone in Honey Creek—has fulfilled her dream of owning the best restaurant for miles around. Serving candlelit dinners to every couple in town on Valentine’s Day is a reminder of another dream, one she’s just about given up on. Until, that very night, Sergeant Tucson Smith clambers out of the muddy river and onto her land, bringing the promise of something they’ve both been searching for.

When McCoy Mason crashes on Interstate 45, he doesn’t just bust up his Mustang, his leg, and his relationship. He also loses his prospects of a job and apartment in Houston. Honey Creek, home to his estranged grandfather, offers a temporary respite, a place to recover before moving on again. After all, what permanent use could a town so picture-perfect have for a man like him?

At sixty-seven, Charles H. Winston III lives by order and routine. One of his most cherished rituals is a regular lunch date with three lovely ladies at the Honey Creek Café, including the very proper Miss Lilly Lambert. But it’s not too late to surprise the whole town—or himself—by seizing a chance for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. And there’s no better season than spring, when the warm breeze blowing in from the Brazos River brings fresh hope and second chances to those who need them most.

My Review

I am a fan of Jodi Thomas. She brings a sweet charm to her books like Robyn Carr. This newest book is no different. I really enjoyed all of the characters in this book. Although, I have to admit that my favorite couple is Charles and Lilly. Charles may have experience that Lilly does not but that does not mean that Charles loves Lilly any less. In fact, he is very patient with her.

On the other spectrum of couples, you have the youngest couple with Melody and Mike. They took their friendship to the next level as girlfriend and boyfriend. Their first kiss was sweet. Plus, how can you not fall in love with someone when Mike says this to Melody as he leaves for college..."Be happy every day while I'm gone because every day will be one day closer to when I come home."

This book had a bit of mystery as well. Yet, the people of Honey Creek come together to solve the mystery. If you are a first-time reader to this author, you will want to check out this book and the rest of the books in this series. Sunday at the Sunflower Inn is the perfect book to pack in your spring/summer bag!


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