Secretary of My Heart


Assigned to the protection detail of United States Secretary of Interior Cara Hastings, US Marshal Mike Montgomery figured things couldn't get any duller. Nothing could be further from the truth. She's intelligent, compassionate, and funny in the most amusing ways. After months of watching her run around on those damn heels, she’s gotten under his skin like no other.

The grumpy Marshals eyes follow Cara everywhere she goes. And as much as she tries to deny it, having him close makes her feel safe. She just wished he didn’t hate her.

When the threats against Cara prove to be more than anyone expected, Mike will do anything, give anything, even his own life, to make sure she’s protected.

My Review

I am always in the mood for a really good romantic suspense book. This newest release from author, Nalani Titcomb has just what I was looking for...suspense, fast moving storyline, engaging characters, and spice. So much spice between Cara and Mike. Nalani serves it up steaming hot with Secretary of My Heart!

Despite all the spice, the balance between romance and suspense is just right. I wanted to point this out because that is the one pet peeve I have is when the balance is lopsided. As I said this book did not suffer from this factor. When it came to the romance it was a slow burn one. As far as Cara and Mike were concerned when they finally crossed the line I was yelling with joy. This is because the "ma'am" and "naked grannies with saggy tits" was no longer required. 


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