Book Review: Two for Boarding


Disarming. Dirty. Dominant.

Easygoing defenseman Austin Morgan doesn’t want for much. Trust fund kid, skilled fighter, and talented hockey player in the peak of his physical prime, life is pretty much going his way…

All except for the sudden breakup of a long-term relationship which has shaken his very identity as a Dom. Until he can trust himself again, relationships are off the cards. But when the team trainer Mackenzie Abbott draws him into her orbit, he can’t get her out of his mind. Not only is she all-the-way vanilla, but they work together, she’s off limits… and she has her own secrets.

Can he learn to trust her enough to accept her into his world? Or will the hidden past she can’t escape ruin it all?

If you’re pucking obsessed with Helena Hunting, Pippa Grant, and Elle Kennedy, you’ll love this steamy, secret marriage romance. Two for Boarding is a full length standalone with no cheating, cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Welcome to the Minnesota Snow Pirates, where skilled and sexy mother puckers’ lives get turned upside down by strong and badass heroines. Curl up with your next book boyfriend today.

Author note: Austin is a pleasure dom.

Praise vs Ordering
Dominance vs Steadfast rules
Pleasure vs Sadomasochism
Directing vs Making
Encourages pushing limits vs making harsh demands

My Review

Ok, I will admit that I did go into this book thinking it was going to be a bit heavier on the hockey. As a hockey fan, I am all about the sports romance books. The hockey aspect was kind of the second string, but I will tell you that the heat between Austin and Kenzie was so HOT that I am not mad about the lack of hockey.

Do not let the word "Dom" scare you away from this book. Austin is not the tyrant type of "Dom" but more of a gentle "Dom". He was aware of Kenzie and made sure she felt safe every time. Additionally, he made sure they both got pleasure. This is very important in this type of sexual relationship. Lasairiona brought the heat with this book, and I sure felt it... seconds, please!


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