Book Review: Feeling Fate


As her sweetheart’s body lies cooling on the living room floor, Joni Sensel shattered but not surprised, revisits her premonition about this moment. From nearly the start of their fairytale romance less than four years ago, she knew she would lose Tony, the man she considered to be her soulmate. He was in great health, but fate had other plans a hard truth that visited Joni in the form of a startling vision during their second weekend together. Though she kept the premonition a secret while Tony was alive, upon his death she’s compelled to share it with his spirit in the form of a letter. A grief memoir with a paranormal twist, Feeling Fate explores how a dark intuition magnified Sensel’s love and gratitude in the time she and Tony had together before her premonition came true. Faced with evidence of a grand design alongside her grief, she’s torn between faith and skepticism. While she’s nearly undone by the pain of her loss, she eventually discovers that a sassy imagination and the irrational insights of the heart can both defeat despair and transform her grief into meaning.

My Review

As I was reading this book, I was getting the vibes of PS, I Love You by Cecelia Ahern. This book was reading kind of like a love letter to Joni's late husband, Tony. I felt like I had a bit of an idea of who he was. There was love there between these two. 

I do believe in intuition. It can be a powerful thing. Usually, when you experience these moments, you should follow and take heed of them as they usually will prove to be right. 

The chapters are very short thus making this a quick read. As I was reading this book, it felt "raw" with emotions. I don't know Joni, but I am sure writing this book felt cathartic. Overall, this is a really good read. 


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