Book Review: Cautious and Conditional


Calista is a fresh widow trying to navigate the world as a young single mother when life throws her and Bear, President of the Hell Hounds MC Dublin Charter, together.

Bikers had never really been her thing, but Bear was proving to be different. If only it was that simple, but she didn't just have herself to consider.


The sympathy ringers rang, only I was so damn tired of being looked at with pity - looked at as if I had lost something vital. The truth was that, as terrible as it sounded, I had found my freedom. But that freedom came with the two loves of my life. Being a mother to them was probably the only thing that kept me grounded.

So when he came into the picture, I chalked it up to a passing interest - a fling. Only, I'm starting to learn that once you're in the Club, there is no such things as a fling.


She was everything I wasn't looking for in a woman, and yet I refused to let her go - refused to let her find any option that didn't include us.

My Review

Author, Erin can put another check mark in her book as she succeeds with bringing another scorching hot read in this MC series. I could not stop reading this book. It was a fast read for me. Readers looking for an MC series to read will want to check out this one. 

Calista aka Cali is a very passionate woman who is not afraid to please herself. Although, this was not the case in the beginning with her ex. Yet, she discovers that it just takes the right man. This is where Bear comes in. Bear is the appropriate name as he is a "bear" of a man and has a take charge presence. The chemistry between Cali and Bear is very steamy. I could not get enough of it. 


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