Book Review: Masked Innocence


A black satin mask was the only thing protecting Lady Katherine Mandeville from discovery and scandal.  Temptation lured her to the hedonistic masquerade, and curiosity forced her indulgence in a wicked proposition.  A night of paradise with the Marquess of Claireborne enflamed her desire for the forbidden, leaving her ruined in every possible way.

A perfect evening of unparalleled bliss...if only she hadn’t been caught.

This is a Regency erotica short that ends in a cliffhanger. It’s part of the Innocence Lost series, a group of erotica prequels to Regency romance novels/novellas, each short featuring the defloration of a heroine. These are not required reading to enjoy the Regencies they precede, however they do enhance the story.

My Review

Wow, this short story is a very tasty morsel. It sure got me very excited and intrigued to read the full-length novel to this prequel. I need to see how Katherine and Claireborne carry on with their story. There is a lot at stake for them both and I know things will only heat up even more between them. You could say that this short story is the "foreplay" before the main course, and I loved it. 


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