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Welcome to Planet Lara, Book One

Earth Day 2021

“There are … stipulations on your inheritance, Ms. Clarke.”

Lara J. Clarke is used to getting her own way. Motherless at ten and raised by her oft-absent eco-warrior/philanthropist grandfather, she lives the high life afforded by her seemingly bottomless trust fund.

That is, until Grandfather Archibald sheds his mortal coil in a very public manner, and Lara’s privileged life is set adrift—and headed for a collision course with the gorgeous, private Thalia Island off the coast of British Columbia. According to the will, Lara will step into the role of Project Administrator, wherein she has one year to fulfill her late grandfather’s dream of a self-sustaining, eco-friendly, family-centered utopia. 

The stakes are real: fail, and lose access to the family fortune—forever.

Convinced Thalia Island will be an extension of the heiress lifestyle she’s long led, Lara is surprised to find her new coworkers—and neighbors—aren’t as pliable as the underlings of her former life. Even with the hunky lead engineer Finan Rowleigh showing her the ropes, Lara quickly learns just how unprepared she is to trade her Louboutins for steel-toed Timberlands. 

When a series of calamities reveals a sinister element undermining the security of the island and her residents, Lara and Finan must reach beyond their job descriptions to protect Archibald’s precious utopia from those who would do her harm. 

And while keeping her late grandfather’s flame alight, Lara finds her own flame burning hot for a charming, kind man who wants nothing from her but her heart.

My Review

I liked this book. I found it quirky in a good way and the characters are people that I would want to meet and hang out with. Although, I have to admit that it took me a while to warm up to Lara. She did come off as a bit aloof but at the same time she did have a kind heart. For instance, when she was left penniless, she did still give what little money she had to spare to a person in greater need. 

Thalia Island is an intriguing place. I could see it being a real place with the way we as America are moving to a more eco-friendly environment. Finan has a good sense of humor. The romantic sparks between Lara and Finan was nice. I like that it was not the main focal point of the story. 

While the story seemed to move a bit slowly for me in the beginning, I found the latter half to pick up speed. It is also where the mystery kicked in. What a cliffhanger. I look forward to reading book two to see what happens next. The only one complaint I have is the way Rupert aka Number Two was spoke about in the story. In one breath Lara would use Rupert's name and the next she would call him Number Two. I would have liked to see more consistency in either using just Rupert or Number Two. 

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