Book Review: Off Limits Rock Star


Violet Davies is a good girl. While her rock star brother, Mick Davies, is travelling the world on tour, she has her nose buried in books as she studies to become a doctor. With all the stress she is under, she needs to cut loose and blow off some steam more than ever. She didn't intend to get drunk at a party and proposition her long-time crush.

But all bets were off when Conner McDowell walked in.

As the guitarist of the band The Talons, Conner McDowell is a notorious ladies man. Still, he knew better than to cross the line with his bandmate’s sister. Yet when he saw the gorgeous woman Violet had become, he couldn't resist her brazen advances. Reality crashes in with the fresh morning light when Conner discovers he took Violet’s v-card.

If Mick finds out there will be hell to pay.

After a run-in with her absentee mum, Violet seeks comfort in the only real family she's ever had... the band. Having her join them on tour quickly confirms one undeniable truth. Conner is falling for her.

Can he convince Violet his feelings are real and worth taking a chance on? Or will the rift caused by the revelation cause the band to implode?

My Review

I am such a fan of this series. I cannot get enough of these characters and their stories. What I love the most about these books is that while there is one main relationship; everyone else still makes appearances in the books. Which is great as I have really grown close to everyone, and they are all one big family. 

It was nice to get to know Vi better as she has not made as many appearances as Conner. Conner definitely found a great one in Vi. I know he would agree. It is funny how fast Conner changed his tune once he got with Vi. He went from wild man to saying, "I love you". 

There is one person that I did have to make a mention of and that is Vi's brother, Mick. He sure did pull the "big brother" card. Off Limits Rock Star is another fabulous read from author, Poppy Forbes. 


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