Book Review: Chaos Forged a Fable


Policewoman. Orphan. Single...again. This is all Maya knew. But everything is about to change. 

For the first time in five years, Maya Cross returns to her family home, only to learn that her past is completely fictional. Not only are her parents alive, they’re in another world. A parallel realm. A place called Avalon.

With nothing but an odd stone and a promise, Maya crosses the barrier between worlds on a rescue mission that will change her life forever. Wild and ill-tempered territories, their eccentric rulers and strange new creatures both help and hinder as she gathers friends, foes, a few mischievous sprites and a soulmate to help her save those she loves and discover her true destiny.

My Review

I instantly was transported as soon as I started reading this book. There was never a dull moment. I was so engaged that I could imagine the story playing in my head like a movie or television series. In fact, this book would make a great television series. I can't wait to read book two.

Maya is the big surprise character. There are so many mysteries surrounding her and her abilities that even she is surprised by what she can achieve. Thelic is the first person that Maya encounters when she travels through the portal. These two are great together. Not to mention that the romantic sparks between them are steamy.

Fantasy readers will want to read this book. Chaos Forged a Fable is a not to be missed, must read!


Mystica said…
Thank you for an interesting review.

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