Book Review: Wednesday Pierce


Who murdered my parents?

Answering that question brings me to Vamp Soul Academy.

Here, humans and vamps coexist in harmony. At least, that’s what many like to believe… But I know better.

On the outside, I’m your average teenager and write for the academy paper. Inside, my blood is powerful and bloodsuckers want a taste.

Undiscovered stories lie within these walls, and I want to solve them all. But a mysterious man haunts my dreams and curiosity spikes when possessive siblings Savanna and Spencer Dusk arrive at the academy. They draw me in with their undeniable charm, tempting me to lose focus of my goal.

But I must resist them. I have to keep fighting and discover the answers I need in order to exact vengeance.

My Review

Queer and reverse harem books are becoming more and more of the normal. So many authors are writing these types of books. It is nice to see a wide selection to choose from. Thus, I would add this newest offering from author, Breanne Bergie into the mix. While, the main character, Wednesday has an attraction to the male variety, there is also an attraction to the female as well. 

At this point the hot scale is in the middle. So those who like their heat to be hotter, don't worry as I have read adult books from this author, and I can guarantee you that Breanne knows how to bring the heat. I am sure that it will pick up as the series progresses. 

As the first book in this series, I did feel like it moved slowly for me. Yet as I am a fan of this author's books, I will read the next book in this series. Plus, the ending leaves me wanting to read book two. 


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