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Used to be, the family bar was hopping until last call every night. Now? If the bank doesn't take her away from me in the next two months, it'll be a miracle. All because some fatcat politician thought building a new highway would earn him a few more votes. The last thing I need? A firecracker who has curves in all the right places and a smart mouth, telling me what to do to save my own damn bar. I can do this alone; except I recognize the pain I see in those moss colored eyes. Sure I don’t need any help, but it seems like she does

All I wanted was a relaxing vacation. Fresh mountain air. Some uninterrupted time with a book. Yeah, right. Maybe I could relax if the bar I stumbled upon—literally-- wasn't run by the sexiest, and most annoying, man in the world. Five minutes in, I couldn't decide if I wanted to drag him across the bar and kiss him or pour my beer down his flannel shirt. 

He won't ask for help, but what he doesn't know? I've never backed down from a challenge. Finn's going to learn just how stubborn I can be. And maybe…we'll find our happily ever after.

★The mountain men are calling, and we must go . . .★
This spring, twenty-one of your favorite romance authors are joining forces to bring you a mountain man series to make you swoon. Join us all May long for thick beards, big hearts, and instalove that won’t be denied. The Spring’s Mountain Men series of short, steamy stories is sure to put a spring in your step. *wink* HEAs guaranteed!

My Review

When it came to first impressions, Gemini was not standing tall when she met Finn. I mean this literally. Gemini had tumbled down a ravine and that is where Finn found her. Yet, Gemini still had plenty of her feisty side to her.

When it comes to the mountains and "mountain men", I want my man to be a tall, burly man. Someone who is not impressed by expensive items and can handle himself in the bedroom. That is someone like Finn. 

Once, Finn and Gemini got to spend time in each other's company, you could feel the chemistry between them. Which I loved that they did not instantly fall for each other right away. It felt more nature that they hooked up later in the story. In addition, there were many moments where I found myself chuckling with laughter as well. 

Beard on Tap is not to be missed by romance readers alike!

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