A Bullet Between Us


I’d walked into an alley where death awaited me.
Terrified under the brittle moon, I’d been left behind as blood swept into the pristine snow.
I’d closed my eyes and waited for the afterlife, welcoming it.
Death had never come for me, but it ended the life I once knew.
Now, I lived in fear, running from a world ruled by vicious men.
An organized world where power and violence had no limit.
And I was in the middle of it all.
It’d led me to him, Ilias.
But in this world, my nightmare was etched in the face of every man I stumbled upon.

I didn’t trust anyone, but my heart trusted him.
Even while my mind kept a bullet between us.

I was given an assignment, an order.
Failure wasn’t an option. Not when it meant her, Davina.
But how could I keep her alive? I was no hero. Just a man dressed as one, with a heart as corrupted as the same men I grew up with.

My Review

It has been a very long time since I have read a mafia romance. After reading this book, my interest has been peaked again to check out this genre. I have K. Dosal to thank for this. The darker romance elements of this story is what I enjoyed. 

It was not your typical mafia romance that I had come to think of. Where, the woman needs to be rescued and the man is there to rescue her. Yes; Davina was the woman and Ilias the man but they both rescued each other and made one another better. They were like two broken puzzle pieces that fit together. 

The romance I would say is second in this book. Not to say that it is not hot and steamy between Davina and Ilias. In fact, you just might need a cold glass of water afterwards. What I mean by this is that the story itself is a good, strong one that allowed me to form close bonds with everyone in this book. I can't wait to read book two for Lucca's story. A Bullet Between Us is one not to be missed!


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