Tales of a Fifth-Grade Knight

One day, Isaac Thompson is just your average fifth grader playing the part of a porcupine in the school play. The next, he has strayed into a mysterious subterranean realm that has been lurking beneath his school Castle Elementary and launches his quest to knighthood. When Isaac's little sister Lily goes missing from their school's creepy basement, he and his best friends Max and Emma set out in search of her. Their search takes them to the Underground, where they encounter an army of spear-wielding rats, a talking human-sized bat, and a thumb-nosed prison guard. But humans who stay in the Underground too long transform into weird, unpleasant creatures and are forced to work for the horrible Elf King. Can Isaac and his crew escape the Underground before it's too late for them to ever return home?"

My Review

This book is geared towards the reader age of 9-12. I thought this book was age appropriate. Everything from the characters to the story itself was entertaining. Who knew there was such an intriguing and a little scary world residing under Isaac's school. Yet, I guess I should not be that surprised when your school is an old castle. Besides Isaac; his friends Max and Emma was cool and so was Isaac's little sister, Lily. Although, at times I know Isaac would not think Lily was so cool. He is like any typical big brother but when it really counts he is a good protector.

The Elf King was horrible but all of the creatures of the Underworld were just as horrible if not scary with the spear-wielding rats, talking human-sized bat, and the thumb-nosed prison guard. Which actually having a thumb on the end of your nose could come in handy. As if you could not already tell, I had such a fun time reading this book. I know my nephews will as well. Tales of a Fifth-Grade Knight is a shining gem of a read!


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