All Good Children

It's the middle of the twenty-first century and the elite children of New Middletown are lined up to receive a treatment that turns them into obedient, well-mannered citizens. Maxwell Connors, a fifteen-year-old prankster, misfit and graffiti artist, observes the changes with growing concern, especially when his younger sister, Ally, is targeted. Max and his best friend, Dallas, escape the treatment, but must pretend to be "zombies" while they watch their freedoms and hopes decay. When Max's family decides to take Dallas with them into the unknown world beyond New Middletown's borders, Max's creativity becomes an unexpected bonus rather than a liability.

My Review

For being a book geared toward the young adult readers I thought this was a good book. It had the feel of the movie , Disturbing Behavior featuring Katie Holmes and James Marsden. I liked the references that the author put in the book with Body Snatchers and the Stepford Wives both being metaphors. The younger readers may not get this reference or even be familiar with the movies but for the older adult readers like me who are into reading young adult books, I got it and liked it.

I was glad that Max was so defiant in his quest to figure out what was happening to all of the students. It made me really stand up and cheer for him. While the idea is scary and I could actually see it happening in today's society, I wanted there to be a stronger voice as the bad guy(s). Yet I understood the mildness of the story as it was geared to a certain reading audience. This is a quick read. I am intrigued by this author and plan to check out more books by the author.


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