Only the Hunted Run

The riveting third novel in the Sully Carter series finds the gutsy reporter investigating a shooting at the Capitol and the violent world of D.C.’s most corrupt mental institution

In the doldrums of a broiling Washington summer, a madman goes on a shooting rampage in the Capitol building. Sully Carter is at the scene and witnesses the carnage firsthand and files the first and most detailed account of the massacre. The shooter, Terry Waters, is still on the loose and becomes obsessed with Sully, luring the reporter into the streets of D.C. during the manhunt. Not much is known about Waters when he is finally caught, except that he hails from the Indian reservations of Oklahoma. His rants in the courtroom quickly earn him a stay at Saint Elizabeth’s mental hospital, and the paper sends Sully out west to find out what has led a man to such a horrific act of violence.

As Sully hits the road to see what he can dig up on Waters back in Oklahoma, he leaves his friend Alexis to watch over his nephew, Josh, who is visiting DC for the summer. Traversing central Oklahoma, Sully discovers that a shadow lurks behind the Waters family history and that the ghosts of the past have pursued the shooter for far longer than Sully could have known. When a local sheriff reveals the Waterses’ deep connection with Saint Elizabeth’s, Sully realizes he must find a way to gain access to the asylum, no matter the consequences.

My Review

This book is my first introduction to this series. What a way to start a book. With a mass shooting. Sully won me over right away. Not sure if it was due to his stupidity or his dedication to his job...maybe it was a little of both. I mean you would have to be both if not a somewhat crazy to survive a shooting and then go chasing after the shooter to get the first exclusive scoop on the story with real first hand experience. From this moment on I was hooked to this story and Sully as he was not afraid to get his hands dirty to find the truth.

Additionally, what made this book a winner for me as well is the fact that the other character whether they be main, secondary, or minor roles all played a part and were intriguing. Sometimes this can be missed or downplayed in a book and thus I become only half interested in the story. The only place I will be running is to check out the prior novels in this series.


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