Beware Cat Crimes and Wannables

Jared and Marcus aren’t like other 11-year-olds…they’re also Revengers. They fix problems and they’re awesome at it-at least, they will be if they ever get a chance to show off their skills. What they need is exposure. Luckily, they have the perfect target in mind: Jared’s sister’s boyfriend. He’s a jerky, wannabe rock star, a relentless bully and he smells like old gym socks.

Enough is enough. The tone deaf jerk’s days are numbered. There’s only one hitch: Marcus already offered their services elsewhere. A stray cat with serious aggression issues apparently has a whole neighborhood boarding up their windows. What the boys think will be an easy-money job quickly turns into a dangerous game of wits. The cat’s a monster. It takes all the ingenuity the boys can muster to deal with this beast.

Two targets at once. It’s time to prove themselves as the awesome after-school problem-solvers they know they are. That is, if their plan doesn’t backfire. Because they’ll either be feared fixers or a couple kids who can’t even take out a kitten.

My Review

This is the type of book and series that my nephews will get enjoyment out of reading. I know I sure did. Jared and Marcus make a good team. Marcus may be the brains out the operation with his computer programming knowledge but it is Jared that is the brawn. Thus the reason they work so well together. I liked that they were known as the "Revengers". For this age group I could see a lot of children wanting to hire Jared and Marcus for this exact reason.

While I had a fun time seeing Jared and Marcus aka Revengers plot and put into action their plan to rid Jared's older sister of her boyfriend, it was really their time dealing with Evil/Killer Cat that had me smiling the whole time. While I have never dealt with an evil cat, we did have a tiny toy poodle that weighted about 3 pounds that we rescued from our neighbors that was kind of like the cat in this story. The UPS delivery driver was afraid of the dog. His name was Henry. There was many times that in the summer the UPS driver would hold his clip board ready to use it as a shield to protect his legs. I can't forget the time the pizza delivery guy came and ran to his car and the dog was chasing him down the street in his car. It should be interesting to see what next case the Revengers tackle next.

About Steven Whibley

Steve believes in pixies and fairy dust, and the healing power of unicorns. When he’s not writing epic tales of horned beasties, he’s working as a look-a-like for Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds, Zac Efron, and Seal. He spends his free time training hairless mole rats to be service animals for the colorblind, and dreams of one day inventing a Thanksgiving dish that will rival the infamous turducken.

— Okay, okay, after many requests I will add a more serious biography below—

Steven Whibley is a father, a husband, and the author of several middle grade and young adult novels. He has lived in Japan; volunteered in Thailand, Myanmar and Colombia; explored the ruins of Tikal, Angkor Wat, and Cappadocia; and swum with sharks in Belize. His novel, DISRUPTION, was a finalist in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award, and GLIMPSE (an unrelated novel) was shortlisted for Foreword Review’s Book of the year award. He is represented by DGLM.


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