Will in Scarlet

Will Shackley is the son of Lord Shackley. Will's father is accompanying King Richard. Will's uncle has a nickname for Will. It is Will Scarlet. Because whenever Will was in trouble he would turn crimson. So his nickname is a play on his troublemaking ways and his name.

Sir Guy of Gisborne is King John's main man. He visits the Shackley house. An attack takes place and Will's uncle is killed. Will escapes into the woods. There he meets the Merry Men.

This book still had all my favorite characters from this story. I liked the young Will. He transformed from a young boy to a man through the course of this book. The band of merry men and merry girl (yes, girl) brought entertainment to the story. I like both Much aka Marianna and Rob. Much had brains and Rob was the joker of the group.

However do not mistake this book for the Mel Brooks version or even the Kevin Costner flop. This book is not about Robin Hood. It is about young Will and how the kingdom came to be. Don't get me mistaken as Robin does make an appearance in this book. It is later in the story and for a brief period. I would call this book more of a historical read. You can tell it is for the younger audience as the violence is mild and so is the romance, if you could call it romance. A fast read.


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