Super Born:Seduction of Being

Release Date: October 8th, 2013
Publisher: Harper Landmark Books
Pages: 334
Size: 9” x 6”
List Price: $16.00 (paperback) $26.99 (ebook)
Ebook Price: $2.99
Genre: Fantasy/Crime

First off let me say that this book cover is really sexy and eye-catching. Second, when I read the title for this book I was expecting it to be kind of like erotica. Not that I have anything against erotica. In fact I do enjoy reading these types of books. You can imagine my surprise when this book was nothing like an erotica book. There was minimal sex. So don’t let the title of this book turn you off from reading it.

Actually this book reads more like a comic book. So fans of comics, sci-fi, or fantasy will enjoy this book. This book made me think of the Will Smith movie, Hitchcock. Only this book is better than the movie. I like that the hero is a regular mom or B.I.B. Yes, B.I.B. is the new M.I.L.F.

While I did enjoy reading this book for the reasons I already mentioned, I did find that it did not hold my attention 100% of the time. The energy of the story dropped at times and so than the story read slowly. I even found myself skimming parts. Still an enjoyable read.

Super Born: Seduction of Being
The first in an electrifying new fantasy crime series starring a single mom who is anything but ordinary.

Keith Kornell’s Bio:
Writing has always been a passion for Keith Kornell, and Super Born was a work of pure inspiration that has created a new genre of novels: the superhero novel. Super Born: Seduction of Being is Kornell’s third novel and the first published with Audacious Press. He also published a children's book, The Big Big Game, in 2002. Kornell is also the founder and owner of Crown and Kornell, Corporation, a firm focusing on developing green operations, which does business throughout the US and Canada. Kornell is currently developing a wind farm in Central Pennsylvania. Kornell is a graduate of John Carroll University. He lives with his wife and son in Chardon, Ohio.


Anonymous said…
I would have guessed this to be more erotica too. This is my first time seeing this book. Thanks for your review.
-Dilettantish Reader
Anonymous said…
nice cover it does look like a supermom and great review. thank you!

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