A Boy Called Duct Tape

Pablo and his sister, Pia are hanging out by the river. They are looking for the perfect skipping rock. Pablo swims to the bottom to find a rock for his sister. He finds one. Only when he opens his hand he discovers that he is holding not a rock but a gold coin.

Pablo buys a treasure map. Pablo is sure that the map is real. He, Pia, their cousin, Kiki hire a guide named Monroe to help them find the treasure.

I like the title of this book. It is fun. Although I was definitely curious about the title. Once I read the book and found out the reason, it made sense. A Boy Called Duct Tape is a fun-filled, adventurous read! This book is like the Goonies. I did not realize how much of a connection I would make with Pablo, Pia, Kiki, and Monroe. By the end of the book they had become more than just characters in a book but friends.

I fell in love with Pablo and the way he was a great big brother to Pia. Monroe is another character that I really liked. He is eccentric and I never knew what he was going to do next or say but this is what made him intriguing. This is a family, fun read.


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