Elle's father has relocated them again in a new town. Elle is tried of all the moving. At least this is her senior year. Elle does not receive the warm welcome she was hoping for at her new school. Strange things start happening to Elle. First there is the ribbon stuffed in her locker door. The ribbon looks just like the one Elle's mother used to have. She is gone. Than there is the mystery of the cigarette butts that someone leaves on Elle's door mat at school. Who is stalking Elle and why?

I was not feeling this book as much as I would have liked to. It is on the darker side but not dark that it is depressing. What I mean by this is that the book does touch on a serious subject but without all the gore. I just could not connect with any of the characters. In fact, I found myself skimming parts of this book to make it read faster. From what I was reading it did not make me stop and slow down. The ending was alright. Sorry as there is not much else I can say about this book.


This story goes deep to the heart of personal threat---a subject often on the minds of teens.

A suspenseful, crime-oriented story in which even the best people are not who they seem to be.

Julie Anne Lindsey is a seasoned writer, with more than 20, 000 Twitter followers and a well-established blog on her website.


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