The Night Gwen Stacy Died

Sheila Gower is almost an adult. She is seventeen. she lives in a small town in Iowa. She dreams of someday leaving and going to Paris. She is preparing by learning French. So when a mysterious man comes into Sheila's place of employment, she shows the man attention. The man is older and he is a little odd. His name is Peter Parker. Yes, just like Spiderman. Peter likes Sheila. He even starts calling her Gwen Stacy, Peter's girlfriend. Peter and Sheila decide to run away together. They come up with a plan. Peter fakes a robbery and together Peter and Sheila aka Gwen drive off together. Will they have a happy ending?

You could say that my interest was high when I read the summary for this book. I wanted to see what author, Sarah Bruni would do with this concept of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. I have to say that this book is unique in a good way. while I was never over excited about Peter and Sheila, I did find their story appealing. Sheila's naiveness grew old quickly after a while. Than there was Peter. Let's just say he is nothing like the "real" Peter Parker. This book is more about what happens to two people who are different from each other and live in their own world. Not a lot of excitement. I was expecting more humor to be featured in this book and there was hardly any moment that I was laughing. Overall a book that deserves a look but you might want to check it out at your local library.


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